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Where are they now? – Profiling Michael Kim

Where are they now_

Today, we are launching a new initiative on the Department of Germanic Languages & Literatures website entitled ‘Where are they now?’ The objective of this initiative is to create a forum or a bridge for German alumni to share their career stories with current students, and for students to ask alumni questions about careers.  We kicked off the project in June, by emailing German alumni, asking them if they would be willing to share their career stories with current students of German studies.  Response was very positive, with over 15 alumni from a wide variety of careers, inside and outside of academia, indicating their interest in participating. This project was led by Joan Andersen, as part of her volunteer position as Alumni Ambassador and Executive in Residence.  Joan is a German alumna of the University of Toronto, and moved into a career outside of German studies after graduating with a Master’s Degree.  Joan conducted a telephone or email interview with each participant with the objective or drafting a 5-8 minute long article profiling his/her career. We will publish one or two ‘Career Profile’ articles every month which we hope our readers will find informative and maybe even inspirational. We welcome ... Read More »


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In the wake of a successful kick-off event at the end of March, iPRAKTIKUM, the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures’ internationalization and experiential learning initiative, has been awarded a $15,000 ATLAS grant... Read More »