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Visiting Professors

Administrative Staff

  • Nina Duras
    Financial Officer,
    416-946-8580, Rm. 312
    Office hours: Tue & Thu 9-5, Fri 9-12:30
  • Gayle Grisdale
    Undergraduate Assistant
    416-926-2324, Rm. 322
    Office hours: Mon, Wed, Thu 9:30-4 (+home office)
  • Helena Juenger
    Student Placement Coordinator &
    Assistant to the Chair
    416-926-2321, Rm. 316
    Office hours: Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 9-3 (+home office)

Associate Faculty

Professors Emeriti

  • Augustinus P. Dierick, MA, PhD (V)
  • Robert H. Farquharson, MA, PhD (V)
  • Hartmut Froeschle, MA, Dr Phil (SM)
  • Michael Hager, Dr Phil
  • Wolfgang Hempel, Dr Phil (SM)
  • Alan D. Latta, MA, PhD
  • Hartwig L. M. Mayer, Dr Phil (V)
  • Fred Seliger, MA, PhD (V)
  • Ursula Sherman, PhD
  • Deirdre Vincent, MA, PhD