Undergraduate Programs

Welcome, and welcome back! Whether you are new to the department or returning, exciting opportunities lie ahead of you. We offer you a rich selection of courses and a variety of extra-curricular activities. By making the decision to take German courses, you add fascinating facets to your studies at U of T. We offer all the advantages of a small, well organized department: intimate class settings that allow you to get to know your instructors and classmates, highly qualified instructors who will engage you and stimulate critical thinking, and captivating topics to be explored in our seminars.

If you are new to our department, please note that you are required to schedule a placement test if you have any prior knowledge of German (i.e. if you have taken courses before, spoken the language as a child and/or spend any time in German-speaking countries). If this is your first contact with German, your entry point is GER 100Y “Introduction to German I”; in addition, you may be interested in taking  GER 150H “German Culture and Civilization.” In the following years, add GER200Y “Introduction to German II” and GER300Y “Intermediate German.” After that, you will need just one more topics course on the third-year level to complete a German minor degree!

Altogether, we offer following degrees: German specialist, German major, German minor, German minor in English, Business German and Yiddish minor. We also offer a Global Scholar Certificate and a German Certificate. If you are curious about any of these tracks, please read carefully all relevant sections of the Undergraduate Handbook and schedule an appointment with the Undergraduate Coordinator who will assist you in creating a study plan and help you avoid delays and detours. And on your way, do not miss out on the amazing study abroad opportunities.