Degree Programs & Certificates

A student may pursue a Specialist or a Major Program in German Studies as well as four minors: German Studies, German Studies in English, Business German and Yiddish.

Our Specialist Program (10 FCE) and Major Program (7 FCE) provide students with a mastery of oral and written German through a succession of language courses that cover all levels from total beginners to advanced speakers; through their extra topic courses students achieve a more comprehensive mastery of German and a deeper understanding of German culture. We offer a solid streamlined program in literature, film and theory exposing students to various geographical, historical, social and cultural contexts, emphasizing the development of advanced critical thinking and sophisticated analytical skills. Students acquire research skills and methods through the opportunity to work with individual faculty members in their areas of expertise.

Our Minor Programs (4.0 FCE) allow you to focus on language (German or Yiddish), on economy and business or on literature and culture in English translation.

The Global Scholar Certificate (2.0 FCE) recognizes the achievement of learning goals associated with global fluency in the German context, including a basic level of linguistic competence; it often includes an internship (see GER391H “iPRAKTIKUM”) or study abroad course.

A German Language Citation is available for students who do not assemble enough courses for a German minor degree but complete two full courses beyond the 100-level with a minimum grade of B- in each of them; it recognizes a significant level of achievement in language studies, but it is not equivalent to a degree program.

Please check out the Faculty’s Academic Calendar and especially our Undergraduate Handbook (p. 13-17) for more information of German degree programs.