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Ist mir egal Contest: Enter by 1 April 2017!

Side-by-side writing works as follows: It is not a writing feedback group. It’s just a way to make writing progress while hanging out with friends and colleagues (this is also known as: zwei Fliegen auf einen Streich). Read More »

Keeping in Touch with Friends & Colleagues

A former Ray D. Wolfe Postdoctoral Fellow for Jewish Studies in the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures at the University of Toronto (2011-2013), Rachel Seelig returned to our department as a visiting scholar... Read More »

German Chancellor Merkel Wary of Trump Presidency

New York Times: Huffington Post: Der Spiegel: Die Zeit: Read More »

Christine Lehleiter edits new book on the relationship between literary and scientific cultures

Fact and Fiction explores the intersection between literature and the sciences, focusing on German and British culture between the eighteenth century and today. Observing that it was in the eighteenth century that the divide between science and literature as disciplines first began to be defined, the contributors to this collection probe how authors from that time onwards have assessed and affected the relationship between literary and scientific cultures... Read More »