Book donations

Please note that we are unable to accept any further book donations in the department at this time. If you have a book donation, please contact Kelly Library staff directly at Read More »

Sessional Dates

Graduate (SGS): Undergraduate (FAS): Read More »

Student forms and letters

Please submit a supervisory form by October of the second year (PhD students), or the third year (PhD direct admit students). Please visit the SGS website for all forms and letter templates you may need. Among others, you will find the following forms: Read More »

Infos for New Students

Registration Registration opens Monday, July 20th (deadline is September 11 th). You can register by either paying your fees or by registering without payment. If you wish to register without payment and cannot do so on Acorn, please submit a form to Helena Juenger. The Fall 2020 request form for registration without payment will be available on the SGS forms and letters page. Acorn step-by-step guide and instructions SGS Sessional Dates Please familiarize yourself with the sessional dates, they contain important deadlines. SGS Student Forms & Letters Housing In September, a lot of students entering UofT with you will be looking for housing in Toronto. It might be easier to find something a little earlier, so feel free to start looking now. Some pages you might find helpful are,, and SGS new student infos (including infos about your student card and UTORid number) Please obtain your UTORid number as soon as possible, and send your University of Toronto email address to Helena Juenger as soon as you have it. Once you have registered and found a place to stay in Toronto, please update your “current mailing address” in Acorn. If you are a PhD in the funded cohort, ... Read More »

Resources for Members of the Department

Academic Integrity Book donations Bookings of dept. rooms DAAD funding opportunities Financial File naming convention How to submit a graduate course grade How to advertise a guest lecture How to order a book for your course How to request catering How to request an R.A. or Research Trainee contract How to request a change or post on the departmental website Kaffeestunde Letters of invitation for Visiting Faculty Listservs Mental Health & Wellness Online Teaching Resources PTR Checklist Research Resources in German Studies Research Resources in Yiddish Studies Sessional dates Student Forms & Letters St. Michael’s College TA Description of Duties Tech Support Timesheets Visitors Log and UCheck VoIP Read More »


Please use the following listservs to reach Faculty: Graduate students: Recent graduates: Instructors: Members of the department (incl. graduate students, faculty, sessional instructors, staff): Read More »


When submitting your receipts to the Business Officer, please add a reimbursement form. Please complete the left column only (your name, signature, etc). Read More »

How to request a change or post on the departmental website

Website changes In your email, please include: For example, if you check other syllabi, you can see that we need information on whether it’s a graduate or an undergraduate course the term the course is taught in the course number with the Fall, Spring, or Year indicator information on whether the course is taught in English or German the title of the course the pdf of the syllabus Good example: “Please change the title of my article “German for Beginners” to “German Grammar for Beginners”; Location: (LINK of your profile page or whatever page you are referring to), Chapter “Recent articles”, 3rd entry Not so good example:   “My article about German for Beginners is now called German Grammar for Beginners” (and no further information) Posts in the category News, Events, Homepage Slider, Spotlight In your email, please include: Good example: “Please post the following article under Spotlight: Title: Call for submissions: Zeitgeist 2015 +picture +text Not so good example: “Hey, there’s a really interesting talk on Goethe at the Consulate next week, can you post it?” (no title, no picture, no text) Read More »