How to request catering

The Department is committed to reducing plastic waste and sustainable sourcing. Your choice of caterer must reflect this commitment. We want to avoid as much as possible single-use plastics (bottles, cutlery, food trays, cups, milk/cream pods etc.), aluminum cans, non-recyclables, non-compostables and packaging. If you are having difficulty identifying a vendor that can meet our environmental standards, the Department can provide you with a list. Please send us the following information when requesting catering for your event:

  • Event name
  • Date
  • Time (start & end)
  • Address & room number
  • Website of the caterer you would like us to order from
  • Number of items you would like us to order. Please visit your preferred caterer’s website, take a look at their menu, and make sure you use the names the caterer uses on their website for items you request.
  • Items that need to be labelled (i.e. for guests with dietary restrictions or allergies)
  • Source of funds
  • If source of funds is dept. operational, please add an email with the Chair’s approval