Adaptation: Teaching 21st Century Skills

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DAAD German Language Teaching & Learning Workshop The fourth annual conference offers the chance to learn from experts in the field and to mingle with peers from other Canadian universities in an intellectually stimulating and collegial context. We are especially excited about this year’s line-up of speakers: Daniel Bowles from Boston College, Nicolay Ostrau from Dartmouth College, Maria Morrison from McGill University, James Skidmore from Waterloo University, Jason Lieblang from UBC, and a speaker from the Goethe-Institut Toronto. Coming soon! December 8th and 9th 2018 Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, University of Toronto, 1 Devonshire Place Read More »

Online Teaching Resources

(in alphabetical order) “Ask for PDFs from People with Institutional Access” Facebook group: Being added to this group allows you to see everything that has been posted. Please read the instructions for conduct in the group before posting/searching to those new in the group. CTSI Online/Remote Teaching Webinar Series Don’t teach. Facilitate. James Skidmore. Fostering Student Engagement Online: Examples and Tips Goethe-Institut: “Virtuelle Sprechstunde zum digitalen Unterrichten“”Liebe Kolleg•innen, Mittlerweile befinden wir uns schon einige Monate im Alltag unseres virtuellen Unterrichts. Viele von uns haben sich auf das neue Unterrichtsmedium eingestellt und finden täglich neue Wege und Mittel (oder auch Apps), um unseren Unterricht nicht nur abwechslungsreich, sondern auch so lernerzentriert wie möglich zu gestalten. Dennoch gibt es immer wieder Fragen zum digitalen Unterricht, bei deren Beantwortung wir vom Goethe-Institut  Sie gerne unterstützen wollen. Von technischen Fragen wie “Wie mache ich einen Screenshot?” bis hin zu der Frage “Wie binde ich meine Lerner stärker in den Unterricht ein?” beantworten wir gerne ihre Fragen in unser virtuellen Sprechstunde für Lehrkräfte.Dear Colleagues, It has been a few month since we  had to take all our classrooms online. Most of us have adapted to the new format, but there are still some questions that ... Read More »

How to request catering

The Department is committed to reducing plastic waste and sustainable sourcing. Your choice of caterer must reflect this commitment. We want to avoid as much as possible single-use plastics (bottles, cutlery, food trays, cups, milk/cream pods etc.), aluminum cans, non-recyclables, non-compostables and packaging. If you are having difficulty identifying a vendor that can meet our environmental standards, the Department can provide you with a list. Please send us the following information when requesting catering for your event: Read More »

File naming convention

Please use the following file naming convention when sharing/sending files: “YYYY-MM-DD Name”, e.g. “2019-11-20 Website Instructions” It’s a simple way to automatically keep files in order and saves a lot of work and time for everyone – thank you for your collaboration. Read More »


Please consult the FAQs and the Quick Start Guide. If you would like to use the VoIP software in addition to your physical phone, you may download it from the following link: Read More »


USW casual employee monthly timesheets can be found at Timesheets need to be signed by the student, their supervisor, and the Chair before being submitted in paper to the Business Officer. Read More »

How to advertise a guest lecture

To get a guest lecture advertised on a poster and the website, please send           Here are two examples as reminders: with a picture of the person giving the talk and with a picture related to the topic Read More »

Book donations

Please note that we are unable to accept any further book donations in the department at this time. If you have a book donation, please contact Kelly Library staff directly at Read More »