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DAAD German Language Teaching & Learning Workshop The fourth annual conference offers the chance to learn from experts in the field and to mingle with peers from other Canadian universities in an intellectually stimulating and collegial context. We are especially excited about this year’s line-up of speakers: Daniel Bowles from Boston College, Nicolay Ostrau from Dartmouth College, Maria Morrison from McGill University, James Skidmore from Waterloo University, Jason Lieblang from UBC, and a speaker from the Goethe-Institut Toronto. Coming soon! December 8th and 9th 2018 Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, University of Toronto, 1 Devonshire Place Read More »


USW casual employee monthly timesheets can be found at Timesheets need to be signed by the student, their supervisor, and the Chair before being submitted in paper to the Business Officer. Read More »

How to advertise a guest lecture

To get a guest lecture advertised on a poster and the website, please send           Here are two examples as reminders: with a picture of the person giving the talk and with a picture related to the topic Read More »

Student forms and letters

Please visit the SGS website for all forms and letter templates you may need. Among others, you will find the following forms: Read More »

Administrative resources for members of the Department

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Financial Timesheets Graduate course grades Student Forms & Letters How to advertise a guest lecture How to request catering How to request an R.A. or Research Trainee contract How to request a change or post on the departmental website Letters of invitation for Visiting Faculty St. Michael’s College Tech Support Read More »


When submitting your receipts to the Business Officer, please add a reimbursement form. Please complete the left column only (your name, signature, etc). Read More »

How to request a change or post on the departmental website

Website changes In your email, please include: For example, if you check other syllabi, you can see that we need information on whether it’s a graduate or an undergraduate course the term the course is taught in the course number with the Fall, Spring, or Year indicator information on whether the course is taught in English or German the title of the course the pdf of the syllabus Good example: “Please change the title of my article “German for Beginners” to “German Grammar for Beginners”; Location: (LINK of your profile page or whatever page you are referring to), Chapter “Recent articles”, 3rd entry Not so good example:   “My article about German for Beginners is now called German Grammar for Beginners” (and no further information) Posts in the category News, Events, Homepage Slider, Spotlight In your email, please include: Good example: “Please post the following article under Spotlight: Title: Call for submissions: Zeitgeist 2015 +picture +text Not so good example: “Hey, there’s a really interesting talk on Goethe at the Consulate next week, can you post it?” (no title, no picture, no text) Read More »