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John K. Noyes: Aesthetics against Imperialism

Among his generation of intellectuals, the eighteenth-century German philosopher Johann Gottfried Herder is recognized both for his innovative philosophy of language and history and for his passionate criticism of racism, colonialism, and imperialism... Read More »

Undergraduate student Tobias-René Wilczek receives funding from Germany/Europe Fund

Tobias-René Wilczek is a third-year undergraduate student of German Studies and Philosophy. The Germany/Europe Fund from the Faculty of Arts and Science at the University of Toronto will help him to conduct research on "Transnational" and "Exilliteratur" in Berlin and Bucharest, focusing predominantly on the works of German-Romanian Nobel Prize laureate Herta Müller and the works of Bertolt Brecht. A comparative component will also be part of this project. Read More »

IBH Summer School Opportunities

Learning German can be more than studying grammar and memorising vocabulary. It can also mean discovering the culture of German-speaking countries, spending the summer in the tri-border region of Germany's biggest lake in the heart of Europe, making international friends and gaining ECTS credits for it! Read More »