iPRAKTIKUM Internship: Software Support & Sales / Project Management

iPRAKTIKUM Internship: Software Support & Sales / Project Management

The iPRAKTIKUM team is pleased to announce an internship opportunity at a software start-up in downtown Toronto to begin immediately.

Meisterplan Inc. is a software vendor whose parent company is located in Tübingen, Germany. Interns will gain practical experience in software support and sales and project management and will also have opportunities to practice their German language skills in a work-related context. Students should have an interest in software and technology; experience in project and human resource management is an asset. Preference will be given to candidates who have completed or are currently completing at least GER 200Y or have achieved an equivalent level of proficiency (CERF ‘B1’ or ACTFL ‘IM’).

This opportunity is available to undergraduate students as a Co-Curricular Record (CCR) option (minimum of 20 hours in consultation with the employer). The internship will appear on your transcript, certifying a work-integrated learning experience.

How to apply

Please submit (email attachment in PDF) by April 30:

  1. a brief cover letter explaining why you are interested in this opportunity
  2. a current CV highlighting relevant skills,
  3. your U of T transcript (a copy is sufficient),
  4. if possible, proof of competency in German if this is not already provided by your transcript.

Please name all your documents with “Last Name, First Name_Meisterplan_Document Name” (e.g. cover letter, CV, transcript, German competency) and send your complete application to: helena.juenger@utoronto.ca and stefan.soldovieri@utoronto.ca

iPRAKTIKUM is an internationalization and experiential learning initiative of the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures that is dedicated to connecting U of T students taking German with internships in the GTA and abroad. Regardless of your major field of study, if you are learning German, we want to help you find work-related placements where you can apply what you have learned in the classroom, practice your German, connect with local and global communities, and make valuable connections for your future career path.