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Stefan Soldovieri

International Liaison and Associate Professor of German Acting Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies (Spring 2018) Contact info St. George Campus Office University of Toronto Odette Hall 320 50 St. Joseph Street Toronto, ON M5S 3L5 Phone: 416-926-2323 Secretary: 416-926-2324 Office Hours Thursday 10 -12noon Classes 2019-2020 tba Background Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison BA Duke University Freie Universität Berlin Universität Freiburg Teaching Interests German Cinema and Cinema Studies, 20th-21st Century German Literature and Cultural Studies, Cold War Culture, Popular Culture, The Future, Tactical German Studies Research Interests Remaking the Movies in German Cinemas: Art, Industry, Globalization The project opens up a new perspective on German cinema, examining the largely unappreciated role of the remake in the history of German cinemas from the beginnings of the medium in the mid-1890s to our multi-media and global present. Considering German reprises of domestic and international precursors, foreign reworkings of German classics, and concept films that self-consciously reflect on the idea of remaking itself, I explore the different modes of remaking as historically shifting and multivalent forms of cultural recycling. The remake phenomenon highlights the tensions between art and industry that are frequently ignored in German film studies. The project’s attention to the frequently transnational ... Read More »

John Zilcosky

Professor of German and Comparative Literature Contact info Office University of Toronto Odette Hall 303 50 St. Joseph Street Toronto, ON M5S 3L5 Secretary: 416-926-2324 Office Hours Fall 2019: on leave Spring 2020: Tue 4-5 & by appointment (OH303) Classes 2019-2020 Undergraduate: GER 150: Introduction to German Culture Graduate: GER 1722: Kafka Background A.B., Harvard University A.M., Stanford University Ph.D., Comparative Literature and Literary Theory, University of Pennsylvania Honorary President, ICLA Research Committee on Literary Theory Advisory Board, Oxford Kafka Research Centre (Oxford University) Editorial Board, Continuum Press (New Directions in German Studies series) Editorial Board, Legenda Books (Germanic Literatures series) Recent Prizes and Fellowships Friedrich-Wilhelm-Bessel Research Prize, 2017: Alexa Zulak wrote about this for Arts and Science News National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship, 2013-14 (for my book, Uncanny Encounters: Literature, Psychoanalysis, and the End of Alterity [2016]): Kelly Rankin interviewed me about this for U of T News. SSHRC Insight Grant, 2013-18 (for Uncanny Encounters) Books Read More »

Yasmin Aly

Ph.D. Candidate Contact Office Hours TBA Background My research focuses on German Orientalism in literature and film, in particular the representation of Arabs and the Middle East from the second half of the 20th century to the first decade of the 21st century. In addition to my research, I am very interested in German theatre and apart from integrating theater pedagogy in my courses, I also co-produced and co-directed two plays with the U of T German Drama Club: Die Niebelungen by Moritz Rinke in 2011, and Seifenblasen by Curt Goetz in 2013. Together with the Goethe-Institut in Toronto, I was able to organize several events for the graduate and undergraduate students of the German department, like professional development training for German language instructors in October 2012 and September 2013. We also invited German authors, musicians and storytellers to present their work at the University of Toronto: Katharina Ritter in March 2012, Leo Thoma, Nora Gomringer and the Wortart Ensemble in October 2012. Conferences Panel Chair at: 5th Annual Toronto German Studies Symposium, Where is German? The Global Imagination and the Location of Culture April 2012 University of Toronto - Panel: Border Crossings and Subjectivity Panel Chair: 6th Annual ... Read More »

Michael Carberry

M.A. Student Contact  Background I grew up in Whitehorse, Yukon and studied Broacast Electronics at Southern Alberta Institute for Technology in Calgary from 1978-80. For 35 years I've worked as a broadcast technologist in Whitehorse, Inuvik, Iqaluit before transferring to Toronto. I earned three continuing ed certificates in Computer Science before Ryerson became a university. In 2006 I completed a BSc in Applied Computer Science with a minor in Applied Math also at Ryerson as a part-time student. Although I graduated from the University of Toronto as a German Specialist in 2014, I missed courses on Goethe and Middle High German. As a part-time MA student I intend to correct those omissions and I would like to study further Nietzsche, Hegel, Freud, Critical Theory and contemporary literature. Read More »

Dena Khamseh

Ph.D. Candidate Contact Office Hours Tue 4-5 in Odette Hall, Room 312, and by appointment Courses 2018-2019 GER100Y L0401 SPRING Introduction to German, Monday, Wednesday - 2-4pm GER100Y L0501 SPRING Introduction to German,Tuesday, Thursday - 2-4pm  Background MA German Literature, Culture and Theory, University of Toronto, 2013 BA Anthropology, University of Western Ontario, 2005 My dissertation studies the development of Nietzsche’s views on aesthetics in relation to Greek antiquity with particular attention to the “will to power”. Read More »

Christopher L. Miller

Course Instructor Contact info Office Hours: Mon & Tue 2 - 3 p.m., R312       Read More »

William Ohm

Ph.D. Candidate Contact  Education Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in German Studies, with High Distinction, University of Toronto, May 2010 Research topic The motive that drives my research is a fascination with the beauty and power of thought and its channel, language. In pursuit of this interest, I found my way to the 19th century German writer Heinrich Heine and his treatise "On the History of Religion and Philosophy in Germany." My dissertation will argue that the "History" contains a pattern of ideas about literary style that link Heine's sensualist world-view and revolutionary political programme to his own manner of writing; a constellation centred upon the thought that an idea, if it is to shape society, must be given physical body, and that the body of thought is a sensualist style, a language that gives flesh to thought. This perspective illuminates Heine's own style both within and beyond the History and deepens our understanding of the nature of the "new literature" developed by Heine and other politically and socially engaged writers of the 1830's and 40's; perhaps it can also provide theoretical and practical inspiration for those writers of the present age who seek to diffuse complex ideas among the ... Read More »

Veronika Rummel

Ph.D. Candidate Contact  Background In the course of an academic exchange program, I received an M.A. in English Literature from Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky in 2007. I then completed my M.A. in teaching English and Physical Education with a minor in teaching German as a foreign language at the University of Regensburg in 2010. This minor has since turned into my major, leading me into the doctoral program in German at the University of Toronto in 2011. My research focus is on women’s travel literature, with a particular focus on German Orientalism and women’s agency in travel writings about the Middle East in the 19th and 20th centuries. Other research interests include contemporary women’s literature and life writings, and language pedagogy. Outside of my research, I enjoy teaching the German language and culture to learners of all levels, and reading my way through contemporary German literature. Read More »

Teresa Sudenis

Ph.D. Candidate Contact  Background I studied German Philology in Wrocław (Poland) where I received my MA. Afterwards, I worked as teacher for German methodology and language at a Teachers College (in Poland), and gave numerous workshops for language teachers in my capacity as Teacher Trainer. Despite my present engagement in literature, I still enjoy teaching German. Currently, I teach German for beginners, intermediate, and advance learner at UofT, and at the Goethe Institute of Toronto. My research interest is influenced by my origins and heritage. My doctoral project focuses on the triad: memory – family – identity, and examines the identity-defining power of memories. I examine the interconnectedness of memories, identity, and intergenerational memory transfer on the example of novels representing the genre of the contemporary German ‘grandchildren literature’. Presented/ Approved Conference Papers and Workshops Academic Conference „Deutschland und Polenbilder in der Literatur nach 1989“. Wrocław (Poland), October 3-5, 2013. Attended. Cities of Past and Present. The Motif of the Trip to Poland in Tanja Dückers’s Himmelskörper. Annual Conference of the American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA), University of New York, New York, March 20-23, 2014 Rejection and Embracement – the Generational Conflict in Tanja Dückers’s Himmelskörper. The Languages, Literatures ... Read More »

Andrew Warren

Ph.D. Candidate Contact Courses 2018-2019 GER200Y L0101 Introduction to German II Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 9am-10am GER300Y L5101 Intermediate German Monday, Wednesday , 6pm-8pm Office Hours Wed 10-11, Fri 12-1 Background I took up German so I could read librettos as a music student. I find myself here now mainly because the catholicity of the department allows me to explore my interests in philosophy, music and German culture in what I hope are some interesting and productive ways. In particular, I’m interested in looking at Goethe’s works and their reception in various contexts. But it’s too early to say much more than that. I also have a blog, which doesn't really have much to do with school. Or maybe it does – I'll let others decide. Read More »