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Dena Khamseh

Ph.D. Candidate Contact dena.khamseh@mail.utoronto.ca Office Hours Tuesday 4-6 in Odette Hall, Room 312 (Spring) Courses 2018-2019 GER100Y L0401 SPRING Introduction to German, Monday, Wednesday - 2-4pm GER100Y L0501 SPRING Introduction to German,Tuesday, Thursday - 2-4pm  Background MA German Literature, Culture and Theory, University of Toronto, 2013 BA Anthropology, University of Western Ontario, 2005 My dissertation studies the development of Nietzsche’s views on aesthetics in relation to Greek antiquity with particular attention to the “will to power”. Read More »

Rita Katalin Laszlo

Ph.D. Student Contact rita.laszlo@mail.utoronto.ca Courses GER 100Y/102Y L0501 (Fall) MTWF 1-2 TF102 Office Hours Tue 10:00 – Noon @ 312 Odette Hall Background M.A. (2017) Germanic Studies, University of British Columbia (“Understanding the Aesthetics and Materiality of Ver Sacrum, the Seminal Magazine of the Vienna Secession”); B.A. (2014) Hispanic Studies and Honours in Germanic Studies, University of British Columbia (“Pseudoscience, Gullibility and Language”); (2007–2010) Germanic and Hispanic Studies and International Relations, University of Manitoba; (2009-2010) German Literature and Social Studies, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Germany. Publications / Published Translations Laszlo, Rita K. “Introducing Ágnes Heller's “Reflections on Gullibility,”” Telos, Issue 179, 2017:33-35; doi:10.3817/0617179033 Heller, Ágnes. Trans. Laszlo, Rita K. “Reflections on Gullibility,” Telos, Issue 179 , 2017:36-47; doi:10.3817/0617179036 Research and Interests Some of my research interests are 19th and 20th century German Literature and Thought, Enlightenment, Critical Theory, The Frankfurt and the Budapest Schools. I wish to extend my area of specialization to the German intellectual history and the inter-cultural dialogue between the Frankfurt School, the Sunday Circle (1915-18) and the Budapest School (from the 1960s). The intention is an inter-textual and inter-cultural study and analysis (1) of the different conceptualizations of modernity and (2) critiques of culture and society. Beyond these, ... Read More »