New Learning Pathway: Certificate in German Studies (U of T Global Scholars)

New Learning Pathway: Certificate in German Studies (U of T Global Scholars)

Students interested in developing global fluency can take advantage of a new learning opportunity in the Department of Germanic Languages & Literatures. The Certificate in German Studies (U of T Global Scholars) recognizes the achievement of learning goals associated with global fluency in the German context, including a basic level of linguistic competence. It is a response to an increasingly networked, multi-polar world and the desire of students to be equipped to grasp and master global challenges. The Certificate reflects the Department’s long-term curricular goals in this area by creating a transparent pathway for students. It is also aligned with the U of T’s Global University Framework, which aspires to develop globally-minded students across disciplines.

The Certificate consists of 2.0 FCEs: 1.0 FCE in German language at any level, GER 290H ‘Global Issues / German Contexts’, and an 0.5 FCE global experience. The global experience may take the form of an internship course through iPRAKTIKUM, our experiential learning and internationalization initiative. Students may also complete a study abroad course in a German-speaking country, such as GER354Y. International Course Modules (ICM) or the GER398H Research Excursion Program also fulfill the global experience requirement with the previous consent of the department.

Ours is the first certificate in the Faculty of Arts & Science and the only humanities certificate across the three campuses. The U of T’s global scholar and global citizen initiatives were recently featured in U of T News.

We are very excited to offer the new learning pathway and hope many students will take advantage of it!

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