iPRAKTIKUM futurGenerator Internships with Bike Bridge in Freiburg & Leipzig Summer 2024

iPRAKTIKUM futurGenerator Internships with Bike Bridge in Freiburg & Leipzig Summer 2024

Dear Students,

Are you learning German and eager to apply your language skills in a professional setting? Looking to gain valuable work experience while immersing yourself in the vibrant culture of Germany? We have an exciting opportunity for you!

Join us at iPRAKTIKUM and embark on an enriching internship journey with Bike Bridge, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable transportation and community engagement. With internship placements available in Freiburg and Leipzig, you’ll have the chance to contribute to Bike Bridge’s impactful programs, “Bike&Belong” (program info here) and “Bike Cafe” (FAQ here), while honing your German skills and making a difference in the community. Learn more about this fantastic opportunity here.

Here’s how an internship with Bike Bridge and a stay in Freiburg, one of Europe’s greenest cities, or Leipzig, one of Germany’s hidden gems, can benefit you:

  • Apply your classroom knowledge in real-world settings
  • Gain valuable experience with innovative green-sector organizations.
  • Practice and enhance your German language skills.
  • Gain insights into international work culture and kickstart your future career.
  • Engage with local and global communities, broadening your perspectives.
  • Earn course credit or a co-curricular citation on your academic transcript.

We offer pre-placement advising, support while you are on the job, and post-internship follow-up.

The iPRAKTIKUM team is now accepting statements of interest for internships with Bike Bridge this coming summer 2024! Don’t miss this chance to be part of something meaningful while experiencing the best that Germany has to offer.

*We are very pleased to be able to support your placement with a stipend to help cover some of your living expenses in Germany!*

If you are interested in an internship experience with futurGenerator, send us a brief statement of interest (please let us know about your interests, skills, and extracurricular activities, and why you are interested in an internship with Bike Bridge), a CV, a copy of your university transcript (an unofficial copy is fine) and the contact information of at least one U of T instructor who has agreed to support your application. Send your statement as an attachment and include information about your level of German proficiency.
Our deadline (extended) is: Friday, March 15th, 2024
Contact:Project Leads:Helena Juenger, MEdStefan Soldovieri, Associate Professor of German
Project Assistant:Elisabeth Lange, PhD CandidateDepartment of Germanic Languages & LiteraturesUniversity of Toronto50 St. Joseph St.Toronto, ON,  M5S 1J4Tel. +1 (416) 926-2321ipraktikum@utoronto.cahttp://german.utoronto.ca/ipraktikum