Terrance McDonald

Sessional Instructor Contact Office Hours Tue 11-1, OH323    Read More »

Christopher L. Miller

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Somaia Mostafa

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William Ohm

Ph.D. Candidate Contact  Education Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in German Studies, with High Distinction, University of Toronto, May 2010 Research topic The motive that drives my research is a fascination with the beauty and power of thought and its channel, language. In pursuit of this interest, I found my way to the 19th century German writer Heinrich Heine and his treatise "On the History of Religion and Philosophy in Germany." My dissertation will argue that the "History" contains a pattern of ideas about literary style that link Heine's sensualist world-view and revolutionary political programme to his own manner of writing; a constellation centred upon the thought that an idea, if it is to shape society, must be given physical body, and that the body of thought is a sensualist style, a language that gives flesh to thought. This perspective illuminates Heine's own style both within and beyond the History and deepens our understanding of the nature of the "new literature" developed by Heine and other politically and socially engaged writers of the 1830's and 40's; perhaps it can also provide theoretical and practical inspiration for those writers of the present age who seek to diffuse complex ideas among the ... Read More »

Karolin Rabey

Ph.D Student Contact Office Hours Fri 3-5 Courses 2018-2019 GER100Y (FALL) L5101 Introduction to German, Monday, Wednesday 6-8 pm Background I studied at the Ruprecht-Karls-Universität in Heidelberg from 1999 until 2005 and obtained a M.A. degree in German in English. After living and acquiring my first experiences as a teacher in San Sebastián, Spain, I returned to Heidelberg and passed my 1st state examination in 2007. Then I entered my teacher’s training at a Middle and High School in Ulm, Germany, and worked there as a German and English teacher until 2015. After moving to Canada and taking care of our now 2-year-old son and working as a private tutor, I am now looking forward to being back at university and being able to focus again on my interest and passion for German literature and cinema.     Read More »

Veronika Rummel

Ph.D. Candidate Contact  Background In the course of an academic exchange program, I received an M.A. in English Literature from Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky in 2007. I then completed my M.A. in teaching English and Physical Education with a minor in teaching German as a foreign language at the University of Regensburg in 2010. This minor has since turned into my major, leading me into the doctoral program in German at the University of Toronto in 2011. My research focus is on women’s travel literature, with a particular focus on German Orientalism and women’s agency in travel writings about the Middle East in the 19th and 20th centuries. Other research interests include contemporary women’s literature and life writings, and language pedagogy. Outside of my research, I enjoy teaching the German language and culture to learners of all levels, and reading my way through contemporary German literature. Read More »