iPRAKTIKUM: Meet our First futureGenerators!

futurGenerator Freiburg website

After a year of developing relationships, visiting organizations on site, securing funding, and developing supporting structures and materials, our first cohort of students are on their way to Germany’s green capital to take up their placements with futurGenerator Toronto - Freiburg... Read More »

futurGenerator: Forging Ahead With A New Program in Berlin

futurGenerator website

With the first cohort of students en route to Freiburg, one of Europe’s greenest cities, the iPRAKTIKUM team is already gearing up for the launch in summer 2020 of a second global internship pivot located in the German capital: futurGenerator Toronto-Berlin... Read More »

Willi Goetschel publishes new book on Heine and Critical Theory

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Heinrich Heine's role in the formation of Critical Theory has been systematically overlooked in the course of the successful appropriation of his thought by Marx, Nietzsche, Freud, and the legacy they left, in particular for Adorno, Benjamin and the Frankfurt School. This book examines the critical connections that led Adorno to call for a “reappraisal” of Heine in a 1948 essay that, published posthumously, remains under-examined... Read More »

Side by Side Writing: Fridays 10:30am – 1:30pm

Side by Side writing Nov 2019

Side-by-side writing works as follows: It is not a writing feedback group. It’s just a way to make writing progress while hanging out with friends and colleagues (this is also known as: zwei Fliegen auf einen Streich). Read More »

iPRAKTIKUM – Internship at aiforia (Freiburg, Germany) 2019

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aiforia is committed to promoting the responsible use of resources and sustainable practices. We develop, coordinate and implement a variety of local and international projects and organize seminars and educational programs. As an official partner of “Green City Freiburg”... Read More »