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Willi Goetschel publishes new book on Canonization and Alterity coedited with Gilad Sharvit

Canonization and alterity cropped

This volume explores the way various aspects of heresy – as difference, variation, and deviation – have come to function in Jewish history and tradition. The main argument of this volume is that heresy not only distinguishes, demarcates, and separates groups, but creates a social, political and religious dynamics that has proved to sustain rather than disrupt tradition... Read More »

Reaching out to our Undergraduates


Wherever you may be in the fall – whether it’s here in Canada or your hometown in another country – we are looking forward to welcoming you back to the German Department... Read More »

Black Lives Matter

Image of George Floyd mural at the Mauerpark/Berlin

The Canadian Association of University Teachers of German (CAUTG) has come out with a Statement in Support of Victims of Racism and Racist Attacks... Read More »