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Arathana Bowes

Ph.D. Student Contact info arathana.bowes@utoronto.ca  Background Arathana Bowes graduated in 2013 from the German Department at University of Toronto with an Hon. B.A. in German Studies with a minor in Spanish. Ms. Bowes is now in the direct entry Ph.D. program in German Literature and Culture and Theory with a concentration on studies in J.G. Herder’s aesthetics. Hailing from Canada, Arathana was born in Grande Prairie, Alberta as the oldest of five children and raised on her family’s farm in Bayhead, Nova Scotia (outside of Tatamagouche). She now resides in downtown Toronto and travels regularly around the world studying local languages and culture. Other interests include medieval studies, general languages (including Portuguese, Scots Gaelic, Catalan, Lithuanian and French), food and agriculture, volunteering at community events and writing, acting and directing in theatre (Victoria College’s The Bob ’08,’09,’10,’11). Read More »