Miriam Borden

PhD Student


I hold a B.A. in Jewish Studies (Hons., 2014) and an M.A. in Yiddish (2018) from the University of Toronto. My research interests are in the development and evolution of the Jewish textual tradition in early modern Europe. In particular, I am interested in the education, literacy, and print culture of Jews of this period. My current research focuses on questions of the audience and readership of the Tsenerene, a 17th century Yiddish adaptation of the Bible that became popularly known as the “women’s Bible.”

In addition to my work with Jewish texts, I am a researcher at the Ontario Jewish Archives Blankenstein Family Heritage Centre, where I work as an Assistant Archivist, Yiddish translator, and tour guide for public tours of the historically Jewish (and Yiddish) Kensington Market neighbourhood. I have written for the Canadian Jewish News on 20th century Jewish Torontonian culture in the Canadian Yiddish press.

In the summer of 2017, I participated in the Naomi Prawer Kadar Yiddish Summer Program at Tel-Aviv University, and curated the exhibition “Discovering the Mame-loshn: The Hidden World of Yiddish at Robarts,” at Robarts Library. In May-July 2018 I will curate a second Yiddish exhibition at Robarts, titled “The Yiddish Heder: Learning the Alef-Beys at Robarts.”

Awards / Distinctions

Dean’s List, University of Toronto Faculty of Arts and Sciences, 2013 and 2017
Dr. Fred Weinberg Memorial Scholarship in Jewish Studies, 2013 and 2014
Bella and Solomon Shek Award in Yiddish Literature, 2014
Granovsky-Gluskin Graduate Scholarship in Jewish Studies, 2017