Business German

Have you ever wondered how your interest in commerce and economics could be combined with your interest in German? Would you like to learn more about German business culture or how to apply for a job in German-speaking countries? Then the minor in Business German is for you!

When taking a minor in Business German, you will acquire language skills that help you to navigate the work place in German-speaking countries (GER272 and GER372). You will also engage with key literary and philosophical texts and contemporary media in order to understand how modern German culture approaches topics such as property, debt, and exchange value (GER270). Furthermore, in this program we regularly invite representatives of German businesses in Canada to share their knowledge and experience, offering you unique insights into the theory and practice of German business culture.

Description: This Minor Program requires 4 full courses from the Department of German. Further Specifications: (a) GER 100Y/200Y are mandatory, OR proof of comparable German level (b) GER 270H/272H/370H and GER 372 are mandatory courses. (c) The remainder of the courses or equivalent must have a GER designator OR be pre-approved cognate courses.