How to request an R.A. or Research Trainee contract

When requesting R.A. or Research Trainee contracts, please submit a USW Casual Employment Details form to Nina Duras.

  • Please make sure you provide all the information requested on the form and sign it.
  • If you don’t have the student’s personnel number, you may leave that field blank
  • Under “Does the department have funding for this position?” please check off “yes” and add the source of funds (e.g. SSHRC Insight Grant, SSHRC Connection Grant, personal research allowance, …)
  • You may add information under “Why is this casual position required? Terms of previous contracts:” (length of previous contract) or you may leave this empty.
  • The information you provide under “Description of duties” will help HR to determine the hourly rate the RA will be paid, so please list all the duties the RA will have.
  • Under employment start date, please allow a minimum of 7 calendar days between the date you submit your form and the start date. The form needs to get approved by HR and then signed by the Chair and the Supervisor before the RA can sign, and the RA needs to sign before the start date.