How to request a change or post on the departmental website

Website changes

In your email, please include:

  • what exactly you want to change (quote it), and what exactly the new wording should be (including information about the text formatting [bold/italic etc.])
  • where it is located (LINK and describe, e.g. in which chapter)
  • if you want to upload a document, it has to be in PDF format (please check that there are no empty pages at the end)
  • please check the website for examples on what information is required.

For example, if you check other syllabi, you can see that we need

  • information on whether it’s a graduate or an undergraduate course
  • the term the course is taught in
  • the course number with the Fall, Spring, or Year indicator
  • information on whether the course is taught in English or German
  • the title of the course
  • the pdf of the syllabus

Good example: “Please change the title of my article “German for Beginners” to “German Grammar for Beginners”; Location: (LINK of your profile page or whatever page you are referring to), Chapter “Recent articles”, 3rd entry
Not so good example:   “My article about German for Beginners is now called German Grammar for Beginners” (and no further information)

Posts in the category News, Events, Homepage Slider, Spotlight

In your email, please include:

  • a heading (try and keep it short)
  • a featured picture with the aspect ratio 2:1 (“landscape” format, you can see examples on our homepage), with a 400 x 800 resolution
  • a text, preferably in English, with relevant links, and for events we also need date, time, venue and contact

Good example: “Please post the following article under Spotlight: Title: Call for submissions: Zeitgeist 2015 +picture +text
Not so good example: “Hey, there’s a really interesting talk on Goethe at the Consulate next week, can you post it?” (no title, no picture, no text)