Online Teaching Resources

(in alphabetical order)

  • Ask for PDFs from People with Institutional Access” Facebook group: Being added to this group allows you to see everything that has been posted. Please read the instructions for conduct in the group before posting/searching to those new in the group.
  • CTSI Online/Remote Teaching Webinar Series
  • Don’t teach. Facilitate. James Skidmore.
  • Fostering Student Engagement Online: Examples and Tips
  • Goethe-Institut: “Virtuelle Sprechstunde zum digitalen Unterrichten“”Liebe Kolleg•innen,
    Mittlerweile befinden wir uns schon einige Monate im Alltag unseres virtuellen Unterrichts. Viele von uns haben sich auf das neue Unterrichtsmedium eingestellt und finden täglich neue Wege und Mittel (oder auch Apps), um unseren Unterricht nicht nur abwechslungsreich, sondern auch so lernerzentriert wie möglich zu gestalten. Dennoch gibt es immer wieder Fragen zum digitalen Unterricht, bei deren Beantwortung wir vom Goethe-Institut  Sie gerne unterstützen wollen. Von technischen Fragen wie “Wie mache ich einen Screenshot?” bis hin zu der Frage “Wie binde ich meine Lerner stärker in den Unterricht ein?” beantworten wir gerne ihre Fragen in unser virtuellen Sprechstunde für Lehrkräfte.Dear Colleagues,
    It has been a few month since we  had to take all our classrooms online. Most of us have adapted to the new format, but there are still some questions that arise when it comes to virtual teaching. The Goethe-Institut offers assistance in these matters, as we have a wide range of expertise in how to teach online and how to engage our students in a motivation and interesting way. Our virtual office ours take place via ZOOM.”
  • Colleagues in the US have developed the public-facing German Studies Collaboratory. It’s a digital repository of online resources for teaching, outreach, and research. New innovations in pedagogy include assignment ideas and syllabi; the Media Hub houses links to film archives, digitized sources, lectures, blogs, and webinars. Projects in digital humanities, including digital exhibitions and map collections, are featured in the Digital Hub. The online collections are fully searchable by keyword and tag, making it easy to find resources through a few short clicks. Check it out! Thanks to our sister organisation, the GSA, together with the German Historical Institute in Washington, DC, the Central European History Society, and the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies.
  • German Language Instructors Training – Stefana Gargova’s slides with good tips for the first day of online class
  • Going the Distance: Tools and Strategies for online teaching and learning.
  • Now that you’re teaching remotely, what are your questions?
  • Open Access resources for Modern Languages
  • Privacy Considerations – Centre for Teaching Support and Innovation
  • Privacy Considerations PDF for course syllabi
  • Reducing Cheating Online: Examples and Tips
  • University of Waterloo Keep Learning resources