How to request an R.A. or Research Trainee contract

When requesting R.A. or Research Trainee contracts, please make sure that you provide all the information listed below right in your first email:

  • Name & address of prospective R.A. / Research Trainee
  • Your name or name of supervisor
  • Source of Funds (e.g. SSHRC Insight Grant; SSHRC Connection Grant; personal research allowance; …)
  • Start and end date of contract – please note that contracts for student R.A.s should not exceed 12 months
  • Description of duties
  • Indication of how the employee will be advised of their hours of work or indication of their scheduled hours (e.g. You will be provided with a schedule of hours on a weekly basis. OR You will be contacted by email/telephone when you are needed for work. OR You will come in on Mondays at 9:00 and leave when the filing is completed.)
  • Is the prospective R.A. an undergraduate, M.A. or PhD student? (This determines the hourly rate.)