Symon Foren

MA student


Having completed the Al and Malka Green Yiddish Studies Program as part of my undergraduate degree here at the University of Toronto, I am very happy to reconnect with Yiddish as a student in the MA field in Yiddish Studies. My current research focuses on Hasidism, a Jewish Eastern European spiritual movement, which originated in the 18th century and continues to thrive today. I am particularly interested in the noetic theories advocated by the masters of the Habad-Lubavitch dynasty, especially in relation to the Medieval and Early Modern Hebrew sources upon which they are based.

Currently, I am participating in two projects centered at the U of T. The first is the Performing Orthodox Jewish Girlhood SSHRC project, which explores the performance culture of girls and women associated with the international school system for Orthodox girls called Bais Yaakov; the second is the Practices of Commentary SSHRC project, which seeks to develop a global perspective on the function of commentarial traditions in the pre-modern world.

Academic Background

DPhil in Oriental Studies, University of Oxford, 2020
MSt in Oriental Studies, University of Oxford, 2014
BA (Majors: Near and Middle Eastern Studies, Jewish Studies; minor: Yiddish), University of Toronto, 2013