November 11, 2011

     The Al and Malka Green Yiddish Studies Program
Yiddish Program The Al and Malka Green Yiddish studies program offers courses in Yiddish language, literature and culture for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Last year, 20 students took classes in Yiddish language and literature. In 2011-13, we are very pleased to be hosting Dr. Rachel Seelig, who will teach a course in Yiddish literature in translation. Our undergraduate students enjoy access to small-size classes and unique opportunities to learn from native speakers of Yiddish while residing in Toronto where cultural activities abound in the field of Yiddish culture. Last year, students performed a Yiddish song at the University College Chanukkah party. The audience was so delighted that this experiment will now be implemented as an annual tradition.

One of our students, Jenny Cooperman, took a summer Yiddish course at the University of Tel Aviv in 2011. We hope that some others will do the same in 2012. Cara Bruni, Symon Foren, Marc Goldrub, Leon Martynenko and Carolynn Newman received awards for their success in the field of Yiddish learning.

In 2010-11, the Al and Malka Green Program, in collaboration with the Centre for Jewish Studies at the University of Toronto, co-sponsored visits by Jerold Frakes (University of Buffalo), Gabriela Safran (Stanford), Jean Baumgarten (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris). In 2011-12, once again in collaboration with the CJS, we are hosting lectures by Professor Jeremy Dauber (Columbia), Ken Moss (John Hopkins) and Barbara Harshav (Yale) and a major conference on Soviet Jewish Experiences during World War II will take place March 25- 26, 2012.

Prof. Anna Shternshis
Al and Malka Green Associate Professor in Yiddish Studies
Department of Germanic Languages & Literatures
Centre for Diaspora and Transnational Studies
University of Toronto

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