Alexandra Hoffman


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University of Toronto
Odette Hall 326
50 St. Joseph Street
Toronto, ON M5S 1J4

Phone 416-926-2327
Fax: 416-926-2329
Secretary: 416-926-2324

Office Hours

Wed 1-2 pm, Fri 12-1pm & 2-3pm
and by appointment

Classes 2017-18

GER 260 Y Elementary Yiddish, Wed 10-12 noon & Fri 1-2 pm
GER 360H F Intermediate Yiddish, Wed 12-1 pm & Fri 10-12 noon
GER462 S Advanced Yiddish, Fri 10-12 noon


Sasha received a PhD in Comparative Literature at the University of Michigan in 2012, with a dissertation focused on humorous representations of oppression within the writing of four classical Yiddish and Harlem Renaissance writers: Langston Hughes, Zora Neal Hurston, Sholem Aleykhem, and Modkhe Spector. Among other things, Sasha is a student and a teacher of Yiddish language and culture, with a particular interest in leftist and women's writing.